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Scholars are invited to submit a 250-word abstract, alongside 4-5 key words

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We welcome papers discussing:

  • Tangible and intangible cultural, industrial and environmental water heritage and history;
  • Leisure, tourism and wellbeing on and near inland waters: boating, kayaking, canoeing, walking, running, hiking, cycling, angling, etc.;
  • Identities and belonging on and near water;
  • Accessibility, justice and rights to waters;
  • The ‘lawscapes’ of waters and the rights of personhood;
  • Discourses, representations and narratives of inland waters in cultural texts and arts (visual art, literature, film, TV, (social) media etc.);
  •  Water transport and mobilities;
  • (Potable) water use, sustainability and conservation patterns in agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, everyday life etc.;
  •  Flood (or drought) events and the everyday discourses of the climate crises;
  • Hydropolitics and water management practices, systems and policies;
  • Waterfront regeneration, redevelopment, planning and governance;
  •  Infrastructures and engineering: hydroelectrics, dams, canalization;
  • Creative methodologies and artistic practices in exploring waterscapes.